Przemek Kotyński
My adventure started with mobile games, in studios like Vivid Games, Anfymobile and Breakpoint. Next, I joined one of the biggest studios in Polish game industry - CI Games, where I created dozens of covers, logotypes, illustrations and press materials.

I then decided to try being a freelancer, making a living off of concept art and illustration for video games and commercials. My crucial clients included Platige Image and 11 bit studios. My art was promoting Anomaly: Warzone Earth, a mobile game which won the Apple Design Award.

Next, I joined ORKA post-production studio, where I worked as an art director, concept artist, matte painter and illustrator. The team I worked with, created four animated shorts based on Polish fairy tales, and several dozen commercials for brands like Mazda, Orange, Oshee, Bwin, Garnier, Peugeot, Samsung, Ferrero and lots more. I’ve also been involved in production of couple movies including Manhunt, 80 Million, AmbaSSada, Ixjana, The Girl from the Wardrobe, Warsaw Uprising, The Man with the Magic Box.
Meanwhile, I have also been directing both creatively and artistically my debut animated movie Bloody Sunday, making most of concept art and matte paintings. The movie was nominated for Animago Award 2015.

After that I have been a full-time senior concept artist and illustrator at a major Polish film and advertising studio, Platige Image.

With passion I'm also creating conceptual and applied illustrations for clients such as Newsweek, Wysokie Obcasy Extra, Znak, The Real Deal, Car and Driver.
Featured in: The Best Polish Concept Art Illustrators, The Best Polish Press Illustrators by SLOW Foundation.

Grzegorz Pędziński
I started off in a print company, where I got the basics of composition, photography, graphic design and technical details of printable materials. Working with companies like BMG Poland, Sony Music and Warner left me forever with a habit of refining and polishing the works beyond “good enough”. And then some.
I then moved on to Rochstar television company, where I created numerous animations and arts aired by biggest Polish broadcasters, including TVN, Polsat and TVP.
Finally, I joined the video game industry and worked for 11 years in one of the biggest studios and publishers in Poland: CI GAMES. My creative work there includes countless cover arts, marketing graphics, promotional screenshots, logotypes, concept arts and more. The extensive list of projects I worked on, includes big franchises like Sniper Ghost Warrior, Lords of the Fallen, Enemy Front, Code of Honor, Terrorist Takedown, Art of Murder, and Chronicles of Mystery. I have worked for entire projects from start to finish within many genres including shooters, role-playing, adventure, racing, HOPA, and being produced for various platforms from consoles and PC to handheld devices, tablets and even mobile phones.
I don’t shy away from responsibility and challenge. I have taken over crucial parts of Creative  and/or Art Director’s work numerous times when needed, always striving for the good of the project successfully.
Over the past few years at CI GAMES I have led the entire team of concept artists, learning how to achieve the goals of the project sufficiently, and how to make the team embrace my command and grow together with me. One step at a time. I am lucky to have worked with many well-known and inspiring art directors, game designers, marketing agencies and global publishers, always being able to find common ground, language and goals.
Personally, I am also a huge military enthusiast, reenactor, sport shooter and instructor. My artistic and graphical skills, gaming industry knowledge and experience, combined with my military passion all match perfectly with my work here at SNAPFINGERS, which I consider to be the greatest, most important and most promising project of my professional career.
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